Immigration and Border Enforcement

The first thing I am going to do is get every illegal immigrant who is a criminal, like the man who allegedly shot down Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco, off our streets. I will – quickly – secure our borders and end the ability of cities to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. And I will insist that the only path to citizenship for illegals currently in our nation is a path back across the border. No one who comes to this country illegally should become a citizen. Those who come legally should be able to follow the path that has been taken by millions of other legal immigrants who have come to our country and become citizens.

A nation that doesn’t enforce its own borders cannot claim to be a nation. America is a nation of laws but President Obama has refused to enforce our laws against illegal immigration. In disregard of the Constitution he has refused to enforce many laws and has declared revisions to our immigration laws without congressional legislation to accomplish those changes. He has thus created an anarchy of open borders.

We are a nation of immigrants and should always welcome those who come here legally, who intend to become Americans, to join our culture and to help serve and protect our constitutional system of government.

But Obama’s open border policy has not only let too many illegal aliens into this nation, it has also refused to protect us against the violence that some bring with them. The murder of young Kathryn Steinle allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had seven prior felony convictions and was released to walk our streets, is a terrible lesson that Mr. Obama refuses to learn.

That lesson is perfectly clear. Our borders must be secured. That means people such as the alleged killer of Ms. Steinle – a man who had been deported several times — should never have been allowed to re-enter this country. When a person is deported, they should not – by negligence or lack of action – be permitted to re-enter our nation unless they apply successfully for legal entry.

Those are the first steps: secure our borders and not let anyone – far less known criminals — into our society. But our immigration system is broken. We need to reform it.

Reform doesn’t mean deporting all of the many millions who are here illegally. And it doesn’t mean that someone who came here illegally should ever be eligible for American citizenship. Reform also doesn’t mean that anyone who can get here should be entitled to remain. Amnesty – which has been defined to include a path to citizenship — is and will remain the wrong remedy.

Reform means that those who legally immigrate regardless of their racial or ethnic identity or their national origin should be welcomed. They should benefit from a system that works faster and more effectively. Those who entered illegally years ago – those who pay their taxes, who work hard to assimilate into our culture, who obey our laws and system of government and learn to speak our language – should be given the ability to work legally.

None of this can be done unless and until we secure our borders. Once that is done and our system of securing the borders has been proven to work we can proceed with these other necessary reforms.


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