Do so by downloading this PDF and its instructions.

  1. Print out the petitions in two sided paper. The front and back are linked together
  2. Have petitions ready for the counties or cities that the voters you will ask will likely live
  3. Petitions are collected by jurisdiction and by Congressional District (CD). You need a separate petition for each variation of jurisdiction and CD.
  4. Once they agree to sign the petition, first ask what jurisdiction they live in (careful that some may say “Richmond” for instance when they really live in Henrico County for instance).
  5. If the jurisdiction stated contains more than one CD, ask who their congressman/woman is if they don’t know the CD #. Make sure the petition page notes the jurisdiction and CD.
  6. “Sign and print” their name and address. The last 4 digits of SSN would be helpful to verify who they are when the name is verified by the Party
  7. Once all signatures are collected, have a notary witness your certification signature. You may want to wait til you are completely finished collecting signatures so that you only have to do this one time.
  8. Even a petition page with one signature is valuable.
  9. Signing the petition in no way is a commitment to support that candidate. A voter can sign as many of the different candidates petitions as they wish
  10. Any registered voter in Virginia is eligible to sign. Non registered persons should not sign.
  11. You cannot sign a petition that you will also certify. But do sign another collector’s petition.
  12. When you are finished, please contact the person who gave you the petition to arrange to turn them in (after the notary notarizes your petitions.


Your help is very, very much appreciated!!

To sign this Primary petition, download this document to collect signatures.

Presidential Primary – SBE-545 Petition of Qualified Voters (Letter) – 06-15-15

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